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Cartoon Animation

A sneak-peek into the good old days!
A cartoon animation video takes people back in time, creates a sense of nostalgia and creates an immediate buzz about your services and products; usually through a funny skit or concept intended to increase the recognition of your brand. We specialize in making your cartoon interesting for your viewers so that they will forward it to their friends and spread it across various social media platforms.
Cartoon Animation is the process of making hundreds of drawings and then animating by playing them in rapid succession. Animation has been used for several decades across all forms of media.
Cartoon Animation videos are extremely engaging and create a sense of nostalgia in the minds of the viewers and are very popular in television commercials, both due to its graphic appeal, and the humor it provides.
Some animated characters in commercials have survived for decades, such as Snap, Crackle and Pop of Kellogg’s cereals; why? Because they had opted for the best animation technique they could possibly think of.


Magic happens right at our doorstep!

Great way to increase sales

According to case studies, having a CARTOON VIDEO on your homepage can increase your sales conversion rate on average by 40% to 140%.

Google’s Favorite

For a service business, 2 things matter the most; first being customer satisfaction and second, sales conversions. An explainer video makes it easy for websites to show up on Google search results by 54 times.

Short and Loaded with Ideas

To create a short cartoon animation, you need an idea. Then, you need a bunch of other fancy stuff such as story, characters & animation style. Once you have all these in place, get designing and animating. Finished? Now go show it to the world! You did work hard on it.

Powerful Marketing Tool!

Each day, over 100 million Americans watch online video, an increase of 45% since 2010. In September 2012 alone, 85% of US internet users viewed explainer videos content. By 2016, online videos would count for almost 70% of all internet traffic.