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Cut-Out Animation

Life Blown Into Paper Drawings
The process of making a cut-out animated video begins as we look at your objective, your target audience, the kind of characters that will best appeal to your demographic, etc. We keep the focus of the lay-out of a cut-out video, as laser sharp and interactive as much as it can. We won’t provide overwhelming and confusing message to your customers, instead we would work to make it as crystal clear as possible.
CUTOUT ANIMATION is one of the oldest and most basic techniques that require cutout shapes arranged on a flat surface, and manually moved and repositioned to simulate animation.
It is about animation of the characters, props and backgrounds that are cut from materials like paper, card, stiff fabric or even photographs.
Cutout-style animation is produced with scanned images or vector graphics taking the place of physically cut materials that give a clear 2D marionette effect.


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