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Screencast Videos

Business Explained Well, with Animated Screenshots
Having your product brought to life on your website through the power of a screen – cast video helps your company to stay in front your customer’s mind…..and that’s where they’ll probably come to place the order! Explainer Flix can produce screen – cast videos for small businesses to all the way to the heavy duty demolition equipment.
A screencast video is basically a digital recording of computer screen output, containing an audio narration. It showcases the uses and features of a new product that is yet to be launched.
Screencast videos explain every feature of an app or software the way it should be explained. Whether it’s an explainer video or a tutorial, one thing is for sure, screencast videos are a wonderful marketing or teaching tool.
Screencast videos are the best tool to achieve results in a minimum period of time, by reaching a huge number of potential customers at one time.


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